Philippines to San Francisco

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I experienced the biggest change in my life when I was 10 years old which I believe turned my whole life around from a person prone to failure and disappointments to a person who exceeded personal goals. My family and I immigrated to America to have a better life and a better future. I have 2 sisters and 1 brother. Being the youngest of the four my parent’s didn’t expect anything less from me. My parent’s sacrifice extra long hours of work just so we can all attend the appropriate education to succeed in life. Unfortunately I was a failing student with not much of interest in school. The only reason why I attended school was to see my friends and play during our break time. In class I would get in trouble for talking much and not listening to lectures. I did not excel in Math, Literature or Science, but I love finishing first in Physical Education whatever the activity may have been. On the first of August 1997 my parent’s received an important envelope. The envelope consists of a letter stating that our sponsors from America had been approved to bring us to the states, I knew this letter would change my life forever.

Excited and nervous our family moved on August 10, 1997 to Hollister, CA. not knowing what the future held for us. The flight from Manila, Philippines to San Francisco, California was an 18 hour flight. The plane was congested with travelers some looked like frequent flyers and some looked anxious like us. My siblings and I wore the same color of clothing, red. My brother and I wore a red polo shirt, brown slacks, black shoes. Our hair was parted in middle and combed to the side just like the popular Backstreet Boys had it. My sisters wore a red dress with a white ribbon around their waist, with black slip-on shoes while their hair were scrunch up. We all sat next to each other looking as if we were going to a big dance or to a special event. It was our first time flying and we all felt special, thrilled, joyful and oblivious. After spending...
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