Philippines Income Tax Rates

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Philippines Income Tax Rates
Income of residents in Philippines is taxed progressively up to 32%. Philippines
Income Tax Rate32%
Corporate Tax Rate 30%
Sales Tax / VAT Rate 12%
Taxable Income                                            Tax Rate PhP 0 - PhP 10,000:                     -                      5% PhP 10,000 - PhP 30,000:          PhP 500               10% PhP 30,000 - PhP 70,000:         PhP 2,500           15% PhP 70,000 - PhP 140,000:       PhP 8,500            20% PhP 140,000 - PhP 250,000:   PhP 22,500       25%

PhP 250,000 - PhP 500,000:     PhP 50,000       30% Over PhP 500,000:      PhP 125,000      32%

The above rates also apply to individuals who derive income from business (including capital gains from the sale transfer or exchange of shares in a foreign corporation) or from the practice of a profession. Individuals occupying managerial and highly technical positions employed by RHQs, ROHQs, multinational companies, offshore business units and petroleum service contractors/subcontractors are taxed at 15% on their gross income. Income is divided into the following three categories which are taxed separately, as summarized below. Compensation employment income: This income is taxed at progressive rates on gross income after deduction of personal and additional exemptions but without deductions for expenses. Passive income: This income (i.e. dividends, certain interest, royalties, etc.) is subject to final withholding tax only. Business income and professional income: This income is taxed at progressive rates on net business income, or income from the practice of a profession, i.e. after deduction of certain specified expenses and any excess of personal and additional exemptions over compensation income.

Resident citizens of the Philippines are taxed on all their net income...
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