Philippine Treasures

Topics: Philippines, GMA Network, Filipino language Pages: 2 (570 words) Published: October 16, 2011
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It was a typical Sunday evening when I watched a documentary made by GMA 7 because Ms. De Guzman, our professor in Social Science, said we’ll be able to get some knowledge there which are related to our subject. I was really sleepy that time but I managed to finish the TV show. I also had no one to share my thoughts with because everyone in our house went to their respective beds already. But somehow, I also find it relaxing to sit in front of the television for more than an hour after doing a lot of home work. After all, I always enjoy watching documentaries done by the said network.

The documentary was entitled Philippine Treasures. When I saw its advertisement a couple of days before the whole documentary was shown, I realized I already knew some of the topics it covered. This is because I’ve already visited the National Museum many times and some of our lessons in History when I was in first year college also talked about those “treasures”. On the other hand, is it really right for us to call the artifacts “treasures”? I remembered one discussion in our Social Science class when our professor said that movies are wrong when they say something about “treasure hunting”. After all, it’s excavation – one of the ways to unravel the mysteries of the past. Although some of the topics Philippine Treasures covered were already familiar to me, there are also new things which I learned through the documentary. One of those is about the Golden Tara. I never heard about it before. The Golden Tara is like a miniature of a goddess; this structure is made of high-karat gold. Also, it was shown in the documentary that it is very detailed and fine-made. Unfortunately, it was found out that that the Golden Tara is not here in the Philippines anymore. It can be seen at a museum abroad. How did it happen? There are many versions of story and it is not sure if the Philippines would still be able to have it back. I was very disappointed to know that the work of...
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