Philippine Setting on Talent Management

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State of Own Organization’s Human Resource Management

Company Background

STRADCOM Corporation was awarded the first Built Own Operate (BOO) IT Project that the Philippine government has embarked on last 1997. The BOO scheme encourages the private sector to invest in the country, whereby the private proponent would shoulder 100% of the project cost, handle the operations of the project for a prescribed period of years and recover its investment from an imposition of a transaction fee during the period. The first test to this new scheme was the Land Transportation Office (LTO). It is the 3rd biggest revenue generating agency of the government with 300 offices scattered nationwide. With a little over 3,000 employees, LTO caters to 20,000 transactions daily prior to automation.

STRADCOM’s scope included the rehabilitation of all LTO office nationwide to prepare for an IT deployment, all hardware necessary for the project, the development of a customized front end application and is integrated with an off the shelf back end systems (HR, Admin, etc.), a “central management center” which will house all the data of LTO and of course people and change management aspect to equip LTO with the necessary knowledge and attitude for a computerized operation. To recover its investment, STRADCOM is allowed to impose a fee for every transaction processed under the computerized environment for a period of ten (10) years. (February 2003-February 2013)

After 3 years of continuous development, rollout, implementation and acceptance, the LTO IT Project as it is now known, was finally accepted by LTO. The acceptance signified the start of the ten (10) year concession period of STRADCOM. Today, with the same number of LTO employees of 3,000, the agency caters to 60,000 transactions and generates P 12 billion in revenue.

Stradcom Corporation’s Mission Statement

The mission of Stradcom Corporation is to promote efficient, effective and transparent public service through human ingenuity and technological innovation.

Stradcom Corporation’s Vision

Stradcom Corporation envisions itself as the Philippines’ premier information technology (IT) company focused on providing IT-based solutions in the interest of public service.

Business Strategies

Stradcom Corporation is in a unique position whereby its existence relies on a 10 year concession contract and one single client, the Land Transportation Office. Therefore, the company’s main strategy is to ensure that:

a. It delivers the required scope of work stipulated in its agreement with government on a timely manner so as to keep and maintain its contract with the government;

b. LTO, as Stradcom’s main and only client, is able to achieve its business objectives and fulfills its responsibility to service the transacting public beyond their expectation;

c. Stradcom as an organization is attuned to the ever changing IT world so it can further improve its service offering to LTO without sacrificing bottom line figures. This is done by continuously updating itself on new technologies, evaluating them for applicability to current and future operations and adopting them;

d. The political relationship with various the executive and the legislative branches of government should be well kept to ensure continuity beyond the 10 year project with the government;

e. Human resource with stack knowledge of the business is further developed as it is the company’s main weapon to maintain its edge over possible competitors/bidders after the 10 year project with LTO;

f. It should be perceived as the government’s private partner of choice for most of its computerization projects given its successful implementation of its first project with LTO.

Current Human Resource Management Strategies

1. HR Philosophy

a. Train and develop technical personnel in the area of IT so it...
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