Philippine Presidents

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Manuel Acuña Roxas (1946-1948)

A. Political

1. Rice Share Tenancy Act of 1933, 1946. To balance the unsocial forces of the increasing inequality of the tenants’ and landlords’ bargaining power through legislation.

2. Republic Act No. 1946 or the Tenant Act. This provided for a 70-30 sharing arrangements and regulated share-tenancy contracts.

3. General Amnesty, September 7, 1946. Manuel Roxas granted an amnesty to guerrillas who were imprisoned during World War.

4. Amnesty Proclamation. January 28, 1948. Cancelled all the charges against these Filipino collaborators to the Japanese.

5. Proclamation outlawing Huks' movement. March 6, 1948. It is a crime to belong to the HUKBALAHAP.

B. Economic

1. Central Bank of the Philippines. To help stabilize the Philippine dollar reserves and coordinate and the nation’s banking activities.

2. Philippine Rehabilitation Finance Corporation. Responsible for the construction of 12,000 houses and for the grant of easy-term loans in the amount of P177, 000,000.

C. Socio Cultural

1. Philippine Rehabilitation Act. To rehabilitate the damaged industries and agriculture of the Philippines.

2. Philippine Trade Relations Act. To reconstruct the damaged homes, buildings, roads and bridges.

D. Foreign Affairs

1. Treaty of General Relations, August 5, 1946. Forged between the Republic of the Philippines and the USA is entered into to foster and cement the friendly ties between the two signatories.

2. Philippine Independence, July 4, 1946. Proclamation of the freedom of the Republic of the Philippines.

3. Parity Rights Amendment, March 11, 1947. Gave equal rights to the Americans Filipinos to utilize natural resources and operate public utilities.

4. Philippines and US Treaty, March 14, 1947. Philippines granted the US military bases for the protection of both countries.

Elpidio Rivera Quirino (1948–1953)

A. Political

1. Amnesty for the HUKBALAHAP, June 21, 1948. A negotiation with LiusTaruc (representative of the Huks) led them to amnesty.

B. Economic

1. President’s Action Committee on Social Amelioration (PACSA). It’s the duty of going to the field and minister to the needy.

2. Economic Mobilization Program. To industrialize the country and give more jobs to the Filipinos.

3. Magna Carta of Labor. This caused an improvement on labor relations.

4. Minimum Wage Law 1951. Provided an increase in minimum pay of laborers.

5. Labor Management Advisory Board. To advise him on labor matters.

6. Agricultural Credit Cooperatives Financing Administration or ACCFA. To help the farmers market their crops and save them from loan sharks.

7. Rural Banks of the Philippines. To facilitate credit utilities in rural areas.

C. Socio Cultural

1. Seven-point program for social security: Unemployment insurance, Old-age insurance, Accident and permanent disability insurance, Health insurance, Maternity insurance, State relief, and Labor opportunity.

2. Social Security Commission, July 7, 1948. This commission drafted the Social Securitywhich furtherstrengthens the SSS.

3. October 23, 1950 Executive Order No. 355. Replaced the National Land Settlement Administration with Land Settlement Development Corporation (LASEDECO).

4. Land Settlement Development Corporation (LASEDECO). Takes over the responsibilities of the Agricultural Machinery Equipment Corporation and the Rice and Corn Production Administration.

5. Integrity Board. to probe into reports of graft and corruption in high government places.

D. Foreign Affairs

1. Philippine-United States Defense Pact, Aug 30, 1951. Keeps the nation free from foreign aggression....
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