Philippine Politics & Philosophy

Topics: Birth control, Family planning, Utilitarianism Pages: 5 (1676 words) Published: March 14, 2011
The Philippines currently faces several political, economical, and social problems. One of the more controversial and debatable issues in the country today is regarding the use of artificial contraceptives among married couples as a method of family planning. The question lies in whether it is morally correct for couples to use the said contraceptives to help control population growth and alleviate poverty. Contraception, according to Microsoft Encarta dictionaries is the “prevention of pregnancy using artificial methods such as condoms and birth-control pills or natural methods such as avoiding sex during the woman's known fertile periods.” It can also be defined as “a regimen of one or more actions, devices, sexual practices, or medications followed in order to deliberately prevent or reduce the likelihood of pregnancy or childbirth”. In 1914, Margaret Sanger, an American reformer, launched “The Woman Rebel” with the slogan “No Gods and No Masters”. It is an eight page monthly newsletter that promotes contraception. The development of birth control is being condemned by the Roman Catholic Church, saying that every sexual act must remain open to life. As a matter of fact, Saint Augustine condemned any attempt to avoid procreation in his “Marriage and Concupiscence”. He claims that procreation was the rational aim of marriage. (Galvin, Rachel. Margaret Sanger's "Deeds of Terrible Virtue" Humanities, National Endowment for the Humanities, September/October 1998, Volume 19/Number 5) In our opinion, birth control using artificial contraception should be supported. Unlike others, we believe that it is not a form of murder or an act of killing. Rather, it is merely a way of avoiding unwanted pregnancy. This is especially true for couples who are unwilling and/or unable to support a child. We feel that it is better to prevent unwanted pregnancy than have the child and the parents suffer the consequences later on. Moreover, our country is already suffering from overpopulation like many other countries like India and China. By making artificial contraception not only available but also openly supported by the government, couples are encouraged to plan for their families according to their means and at the same time, help in population control. “The world’s overpopulation is a growing and complex problem. But for the residents of Manila the result is quite simple. They are running out of space. Families live in home-made shacks built in cemeteries, or between railroad tracks or under bridges.  They live wherever they can find some space. Even the city’s toxic garbage dumps are home to people who eat, sleep and live surrounded by rotting trash. With so many residents, the city’s resources are strained to the limit. Large parts of Manila’s 11 million residents lack clean drinking water, work, and access to healthcare and education”. (Nissen, Mads. Overpopulation in Manila, the Philippines. Accessed October 3, 2010. Overpopulation is in some way the reason for pollution in most areas of the country. Urban areas, where most people live, have the most garbage than any other area in the country. Overpopulation is also one of the reasons of poverty. We can save our deteriorating natural resources by reducing population growth through the use of artificial contraception. A smaller population size would mean less garbage and a healthier environment. Population control is one way to save our natural resources so the next generation can experience cleaner and greener surroundings. “Overpopulation is and should be everyone’s concern. It’s not something that we should blame only on the poor or the government or especially only on those who have seemingly taken God’s directive to “go forth and multiply” to heart”. This is a serious threat to our country. (Solving Overpopulation. Accessed October 3, 2010. Poverty is one of...
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