Philippine Literature

Topics: Philippines, Filipino language, Filipino people Pages: 4 (861 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Bikol literature
Cebuano literature
Children’s literature, Philippine
Children’s stories, Philippine (English)
College student’s writings, Philippines
Epic poetry, Philippine
Folk literature, Philippine
Folk poetry, Philippine
Gaddang literature
Gay’s writings, Philippine (English)
Hiligaynon literature
Horror tales, Philippine (English)
Humorous stories, Philippine (English)
Iloko literature
Love stories, Philippine (English)
Mangyan literature
Manuvu literature
Maranao literature
Palawano literature
Pampanga literature
Philippine drama
Philippine essays
Philippine fiction
Philippine literature (English)
Philippine literature (Spanish)
Philippine poetry
Philippine wit and humorProtest literature, Philippine
Protest poetry, Philippine
Revolutionary literature, Philippine
Satire, Philippines
Short stories, Philippines (English)
Tagalog literature

Tina Sambal literature
Waray literature
Books on Philippine Literature located at Arts and Sciences Satellite Library are: An approach to literature : (modern genres from America, Britain and the Philippines). Romero, Perlita P. PL 5531 R664 1997

An approach to literature : modern genres from America, Britain and the Philippines. Romero, Perlita P. PL 5531 R664 1997
Bayan at lipunan : ang kritisismo ni Bienvenido L. Limbera. PL 6061 B34 2005 Beyond futility : the Filipino as critic. Cruz, Isagani R. PS 9991 C78 Building the national community : problems and prospects and other historical essays. PL 5546 E93 2002

Bumasa at lumaya : a sourcebook on children's literature in the Philippines. PZ 90 P5 1994 Children's literature. Rev.ed. Prayno, Salud M.PN 6071.C5 P37 1997 Culture...
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