Philippine Literature

Topics: Love, Filipino people, Death Pages: 3 (727 words) Published: February 21, 2013
1) BONSAI by Edith Tiempo
* TREE/SHRUB – “bonsai”
* LOVE - “tie, son’s note, roto picture, shawl or money bill” * GOD - “sea shells”
* MAN/WOMAN – “merest child”
* OBJECTIVE – CORRELATIVE using symbolic (concrete explicit objects) * “act of compressing” – it can pass love to the next generation * very sentimental (the author)

2) PATALIM by Cirilo Bautista
* “ng aming balaraw” – dagger, patience?
* “sasaksakin ko siya sa likod at patawang pagmamasdan habang duguang..” – metaphor used: reminding him always, nagging * “kung pundi ang bumbilya sa aming kusina at ako’y abala sa paglikha ng tula..” – household chores: expected to be done * “hanggang ang ilaw ay di napapalitan” – sermon

* “patas lang ang aming labanan, lagot kung lagot walang dayaan” – “give and take” on the part of both people * “ganito kami lagi sapagkat labis ang pag-ibig naming sa isa’t isa..” – “edged sword” as showing the love between them * LOVE IS HARD

3) MY FATHER GOES TO COURT by Carlos Bulosan
* How Filipino people are with their culture and traits
* Filipinos can laugh about their problems even in trials, they can show a sense of humor * Optimistic about life
* Magic realism with the money

* Effects of alcohol in a person

5) DEATH STARS by Perez Marquez Benitez
* Gender Relations
* Alfredo – calling the shots
* Story of a game of love between Alfredo, Esperanza and Julia * Esperanza – beautiful, elegant, reserved and trusts Alfredo even if she had a feeling he was cheating on her * Alfredo – still lost about what he wants (being engaged for 4 years), gets attracted to Julia – their neighbor’s sister of law * Julia – just a visitor but she attracts Alfredo during their meetings *  He is thinking of choosing Julia over his fiancé Esperanza, but what people will say is what he thinks matter most –...
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