Philippine History Matrix

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  • Published : September 2, 2012
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Eric V. Espiridion
PERIOD| Education| Economy| Social Class| Religion| Literature| Politics| Pre-Colonial| • Education was taught on houses by parents.• Form of writing was called “Alibata”| • One of the main focuses was trading.• Another form of income are lumbering, mining, and crafting.| • Maharlikas• Datu• Alipin or Slaves| • Form of religion was Animism| • They already had poems and they can write.• Poems were written on clays.| • A barangay was ruled by a Datu.| Spanish| • Education that was taught mainly focuses on religion.• Only the Illustrados were able to study formal education abroad.| • The Philippine economy was put to halt.• Introduction of the Galleon Trade• Tobacco Monopoly• Polo y Servicio| • Peninsulares• Insulares• Spanish Mestizo• Principalia• Indio| • Christianity was introduced| • Paintings• Songs• Poems• News Papers• Novels| • The Filipinos were ruled by the Governor General.• A barangay is ruled by the Cabeza| American| • Thomasites were the first teachers of English.• Formal education was introduced.• The 3 school levels were introduced.| • Imports from America came.• Spain still had imported products due to the Treaty of Paris| • Social classes were divided to two types which are the Filipinos and Americans| • Christianity was continued• Catholicism was introduced| • English language• Improvements on writing poems, novels, songs in means of style | • Presidents rule over the nation.• Filipinos were given a chance to have a representative on the highest court of the land.| Japanese| • Nothing much has changed during the Japanese occupation| • All trades were cancelled• There were no incoming goods which resulted to deaths of other Filipinos and Americans due to starvation| • Both Filipinos and Americans had equal rights thus treated as one• Japanese people were under control thus had higher position| • The Japanese had Buddhism| • Their writing was introduced to us.• Japanese...
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