Philippine History

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Commonwealth Period
-Tyding Mcduffie Law; granted independence and commonwealth to the Philippines
-Framing of the constitution; july 1934, election of delegates once the constitution is completed it is passed to American president and senate for approval -once approved; plebiscite for the approval by the Filipinos -once the plebiscite was approved, the commonwealth was to be inaugurated 40 committees

-draft the framework of the constitution
July 10, 1934
-election of delegates
July 30, 1934
-ConCon was convened; Claro M. Recto, president of ConCon
7 wise men
-draft the framework of the constitution
March 1935
-draft completed; signed by the US president
May 2 & 3, 1935
-Sakdal revolt; led by benign ramos jr, former secretary of Quezon Sakdal
-Socialist group consisting of workers and peasants; oppsed the 1935 constitution; once the constitution is ratified it will strengthen the hold of the upper class; he went to Japan and became a member of Kalibapi May 14, 1935

-People approved the constitution
September 17, 1935
-first presidential election in our history
-first presidential election of the commonwealth
-nahati ang Nacionalista
-Quezon Wing: Partido Nacionalista; Collectivista vs Tydings McDuffie -Osmena, Roxas Wing: Partido Nacionalista Collectivista Pro Independencia; Pro have Hawes Cutting Law -1935; they united
Quezon: President vs Aguinaldo
Osmena: V.President vs Aglipay
-also run for president as independent
Osmena has more votes than Quezon
-had Osmena ran for President he would have defeated Quezon November 13, 1935
-Quezon as president, Osmena as VP, Commonwealth was inaugurated Problems of the Commonwealth
-National Security; most serious problem, establish our own military
-National Language
-pol. Problem; Lack of popular govt, lack of effective opposition
-Economic problem; economic readjustment with US, alien control of the economy
-Social Justice Problem

Commonwealth No. 1
-Nat’l Defense Law
-All able bodied Filipinos (male) shall undergo Military training Actual Establishment of military force
-Quezon asked Gen. McArthur (45 y.o., retired) to come to the Phils and prepare our Nat’l Security (ARMY) McArthur
-asked for 1million dollar silver currency
-with Gen. Dwight Eisenhower (aide-camp)
-Quezon gave him the title Field Marshall of the Phil. Army Defense
-the country needed 10,000 active military force
-40, 000 were to be trained per year
But when the war broke out, he was able to train 167,000 soldiers (ages 17-25)
-Reason is lack of money-H.S. (CAT), College(ROTC)
-McArthur called them “my boys”
-the country needed 50-100 P.T. (torpedo boats)
When the Japanese Attacked Philippines
-we only have 2 PT boats
Air Corps
-part of the army
-report to Quezon: trained 100 good pilots
-remnants of WWI which ended on 1919
-for training not for combat
Cesar Basa
Jesus VillamorThey were able to shut down some of the planes
Basa and Villamor
-awarded; remembered through present air
Plan OO
-Operation Orange
- a warplan devised by Mcarthur in case of japanese Attack
-All forces were to convene in Bataan to make their last stand

Article II (1935 constitution)
-Filipinos should endeavor a language to be understood by all
-would incorporate words from other languages
-Quezon created the surian ng wikang pambansa (surian ng wikang Pilipino)
-composed of experts in language from different linguistic groups Duties of surian ng wikang pambansa
-study thoroughly all languages of the country
; Tagalog-foundation of other
languages in the Phils.
-right grammar and dictionary books; began the teaching of nat’l language
; Tagalog-basis of nat’l language
;June 19, 1940- start teaching of nat’l language
;July 4, 1946- Tagalog is the official nat’l language

How to incorporate other words/languages to the...
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