Philippine History

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Philippine History

Sometimes we wish to become a foreign people with a beautiful hair, white skin and blue eyed. But we should always remember that nothing is created by the god that is perfect person. We must be proud of who are as a person. Going back in the past time our heroes sacrifice their lives to fight against the Spanish, Japanese and the American colonization. We must very thankful for them because they fight for our freedom. We should be proud to be a free country and we should love, protect and serve our own country, because our country is rich in minerals and natural resources. We Filipino should use it not the other kinds of people. We should enjoy the presidential form of government it is true that we are trying to get back on its feet after many years. Yes we can make it but it needs a lot of time. We have many students that graduated in College. Because of that some people want to work in abroad in order to find job. We should always remember that we are a Filipino citizen we should be of what nationality that we are. Some say that living in other country is not a matter of choice. Yes that’s true!!

Even though we have a comfortable life in other country we should go back home where we are belong. We should return and share to our country our experience and good fortune that we had encountered. For me I will accept of what kind of opportunity come in my life. Because we are free from all things in this world. We are free to choose of what kind of life we wanted to be and free to choose of what in our mind but we should remember that there should always a limitations and law. Because when you abuse your self regret is still in the end. Say to our self be proud to be who you are what you are in this world and proud to be a Filipino. You and me are a Filipino we will never be a Filipino without god.
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