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  • Published : November 19, 2010
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What are the contributions of the previous government to the present system of government?

Looking back to the previous government systems in different periods in Philippine history, we can see that our present government system is somehow shaped and patterned from the previous systems that prevailed in our country. Pre – historically we have seen how they established their government and basically, we can say that it is far more primitive than the present system that we have. However, the basic principles like the consultation of the datus to the elders can somehow be seen in the present by the presence of political advisers where our president consults aside from the members of the senate and the congress. The barangay system that existed before still exists now as the smallest governmental unit in the society. The taxation system that evolved through time is still being practiced up to the present government.

The 3 basic tasks of the executive, legislative and judiciary can also be seen in the Spanish political system however there is separation of powers nowadays unlike before that all the power is bestowed to one – the Governor General.

Numerous years of colonization experienced by the Philippines made it hungry for freedom which I believe contributed to the desire of the people to live in democracy and be a Democratic country. Then the first Republic of the Philippines emerged in as the Malolos constitution was made. Then there was the commonwealth and the Puppet government and the presence of those previous foreign governments somehow contributed by the ties that we now build with other countries.

The early years of independence were dominated by U.S.-assisted postwar reconstruction. A communist-inspired Huk Rebellion (1945-53) complicated recovery efforts before its successful suppression under the leadership of President Ramon Magsaysay. The succeeding administrations of Presidents Carlos P. Garcia (1957-61) and Diosdado Macapagal...
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