Philippine Government

Topics: Philippines, Democracy, Filipino language Pages: 4 (1316 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Donnalea P. Nablea AB=II Date :March 20, 2013 Subject: Philippine Government and Constitution

* Background of Citizenship= Citizenship is one of the article of the Philippine Constitution or the Fourth (4) Article. It says here that the citizenship can be loss, re-acquire, or naturalized depend on the decision of a citizen. The citizenship is a law that shows, it should be followed legally. * Background of Suffrage= Suffrage means the right to vote. Article Six (6) of the Philippine Constitution is a law that shows the process of exercising the suffrage in the Philippines. Exercised by the people who are at least 18 years old above, and registered in the COMELEC.

* Section 1= simplify that the true citizens in the Philippines that in citizenship it is adopting the Philippine Constitution, both parents are citizens also in the Philippines, and naturalized, meaning there are already a decision in the court as acquiring the Citizenship. * Section 2= those who are natural born in the Philippines specifically saying both parents are pure Filipinos so that there is no need of performing to act or acquire citizenship. * Section 3= that citizenship can be loss or re-acquired again by the time you want to. Depending on the manner provided by the law. * Section 4= if a pure Filipino married an alien he/she can retain or can keep his/her citizenship, unless by the time he/she wants to change it. They are deemed or judge, under the law to prenounced it. * Section 5= dual citizenship is unfavorable, cause it might threat the place especially in the government, when public safety recquired, it shall be dealt by the law

* Section 1= suffrage or voting should be done by the Filipino Citizen who are legally registered in the COMELEC and in his legal age (18) eighteen years old above and shall live in the Philippines for atleast one year and in the...
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