Philippine Genocide

Topics: World War II, Philippines, Asia Pages: 2 (676 words) Published: March 5, 2012
Philippines’ Untold Genocide
During my elementary years when Philippine History was first introduced to us, it was only the Japanese and the Spaniards who were marked as the terrorists, sadists and brutal conquerors of our country. The Americans on the other hand were introduced to us as more of the saviors who helped our country from achieving freedom and democracy. Growing up, that was my belief or perhaps the beliefs of most Filipinos. But now, as I become more aware of the social happenings in our country and other countries as well, and as I have subjects who go deeper in Philippine History, I have realized that those things told by my past History teachers about the Americans were somehow a bit exaggerated, sugar coated and one sided. I remember learning that the Americans were very nice to us and that they never tortured or took advantage of us. But then again, that was the wrong mentality. In the video that I just saw regarding this reaction paper, they were no better than the Japanese and Spaniards who sadistically tortured and killed a lot of Filipinos, young and old, men and women. Yes it may be true that the Americans were the ones who has helped us during World War II and introduced and educated us further about democracy and freedom, but that does not mean that they did not use us for their political plans and motives. Those favors that they did for us were for their nation’s benefit. The help that they have extended for our country were for political and business reasons. Take for example the happenings in the Middle East, particularly, Iraq and Afghanistan. The Americans accused them of having a nuclear weapon or a mass destruction. Therefore, they waged war against the Iraqi and Afghan government, a war that has killed millions of people. But after more than a decade of searching and fighting, they still have not found anything that can prove their accusations. Perhaps, there is really no nuclear weapons hidden in the...
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