Philippine Fruits Export Study

Topics: Statistics, Statistical hypothesis testing, Null hypothesis Pages: 6 (1386 words) Published: June 26, 2011
Philippine Fruits Export Study


A Statistical Report and Research Paper

Leah Angela Tan

May 20, 2011

The Bureau of Agricultural Statistics or BAS is an agency under the Department of Agriculture, which was started by government efforts to improve the agricultural database in the country. The Bureau provides the statistical records, results and changes of our Agriculture and it also provides technical assistance to end-users in accessing and analyzing product, market information and technology. Looking back, our country’s agricultural data system suffered from significant gaps, some duplications and occasional issues on the relevance of some data series to our exports and consumers.

The Bureau of Agricultural Statistics is the principal government agency for the efficient collection, processing, analysis and dissemination of official statistics on agriculture and fisheries as inputs to policy and decision towards a sustainable agricultural development. Moreover, the Bureau of Agricultural Statistics is a credible agricultural statistical organization delivering high quality products and services by a competent workforce, using appropriate technologies to support the information needs of stakeholders. The Bureau of Agricultural Statistics were constructed because of three major reasons, first the agency responsible for agricultural statistics, the Bureau of Agricultural Economics or(BAEcon), was originally set up as a user rather than a producer of statistics. Second, the development of agriculture statistics received very low priority in the sharing of limited resources allotted to the statistical system and lastly the widespread duplication of statistical activities among government agencies resulting in conflicting figures and confusion among data users. To respond to these conditions, the Bureau of Agricultural Statistics was established as one of the seven bureaus of the Department of Agriculture under Executive Order No. 116 issued on January 30, 1987, to take charge of the production of statistics on agriculture, fishery and related field of our country. In the year 2000, the Bureau of Agricultural Statistics structural organization was strengthened and reoriented pursuant to the relevant provisions of the DA Administrative Order No. 6 series of 1998 in compliance with the provisions of the Agriculture and Fisheries Modernization Act or RA8435 of 1997. Finally, this law designates the Bureau of Agricultural Statistics as the central information source and server of the National Information Network (NIN) of the Department of Agriculture. The researchers decided to focus on the fruits export of the Philippines, as it is one of the most important in our agriculture. The researchers also chose to study and analyze two samples which are the fruits export in the year 2008(Sample 1) and the fruits export of 2009(Sample 2). The researchers chose to study and analyze 11 kinds of fruits in each sample. The researchers want to test if there was a difference in the two related populations through hypothesis testing. There are numerous factors that may lead to the rejection of the null hypothesis. The null hypothesis of this study claims that the mean population difference is equal to zero, H0: D=0. Because the researchers want to prove that the fruit exports increased from year 2008 to year 2009, and because the difference is computed by subtracting year 2009 fruits export from year 2008 fruits export, the desired alternative hypothesis is Ha: D<0. The study is significant for it will determine the factors that may lead to the possible change in the difference between the two dependent samples (fruits export of year 2008 and fruits export of year 2009). This study is also important for it will help the Bureau of Agricultural Statistics to determine how they can improve and increase the fruits export of the Philippines. The group will determine if there was a...
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