Philippine Economy

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A recap of how previous Philippine republics and administrations handled the country's economy since the Spanish era, including their management of the economy. In the days wherein the Philippines was under the Spanish Republic the country was at a good spot in Asia. Manila and Cebu were the only European cities; we were one of the best countries in Asia when it comes to trading domestically and internationally. Before, we were always trading with mexico sharing our culture to them and them sharing there culture to us. The country was at a good spot but as the Americans said the Philippines was like any other good but slow spanish colonized economy like the economies of countries in South America namely Mexico, Puerto Rico, Argentina and etc. According to an article "Economy during the Spanish Colonial Period." n. page. Web. Aug. 2012. .

After being controlled under the Spanish regime which lasted for 300 years, the Philippines were in a new republic under the American government. Our country once became a part of America. It was one of the American States just like Hawaii right now, no matter how far they are, they still belong to the United States. Our country's economy before was really pump-priming. It was rising back again because Americans knew a lot in controlling a country's economy. They knew how to make people more productive in each of their daily lives, they knew the importance of the english language to us and they knew how to make this country moving from a good Latin country to a bustling busy city. Americans taught Filipinos how to use the telephone that's why now, as you can see, we have PLDT, We were taught how to speak english that's why now, as you can see, we are now Asia's most competitive english speakers. We were taught how to use the television, how to function the air conditioner, how to operate the washing machine and etc. We were so Americanized before that in the whole Asia we were the first Asians to taste coke and that's why now, as you can see, coke has been a part of the filipino tradition like having coke and bread to your visitors - a way of showing Philippine Hospitality. Our country had a lot of investments coming from America and they built a lot of places that could've been a major city if they were to stay here longer like Makati, Subic, Taft, Commonwealth and Clark. Without the Americans we wouldn't have these right now. We should be grateful to them because now that the Philippines is growing, more call centers, condominiums, office spaces, retail , and commercial areas are sprouting in the place. According to an article "The Philippines: Changes in the American Period ." n. page. Web. .

While Philippines was at peace with the Americans there came the Japanese soldiers. They controlled our country like any other country they controlled in other parts of Asia like Malaysia Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Korea, they stole many natural resources like gold, copper and many other metals that would help they're country - Japan to get rich and have a good economic status. In the Japanese Era our country - The Philippines, experienced on of the worlds worst inflations. In that time everyone was struggling, striving to get a good life and exerting so much effort just to escape the poor situation. In the Japanese era, The Philippines became poor. According to Balabag, Marilyn. "The Japanese Period in the Philippines." n. page. Web. Aug. 2012. .

While the Japanese people were busy harassing Filipino women, Americans fought back for us because they knew we had enough of it and we deserve peace. Surprising the Japanese, the Japanese men were preparing in case the situation will get real serious like secretly planning the attacks, secretly creating and formulating bombs, secretly building aero weapons and aquatic weapons as well. The Americans started it so both countries Japan and The United Stated of America began exchanging bombs from place to place destroying each...
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