Philippine Drama

Pages: 72 (22546 words) Published: October 18, 2012
Territory by Janet Clarke

Copyright 2011 Janet Goodman-Clarke

FADE IN. EXT. FIELDS AVENUE, ANGELES CITY (PHILIPPINES) - NIGHT The streets are slick with rain. Puddles reflect neon lights, hung from garish storefronts. Signs are written in a mixture of Tagalog and English. The streets are crowded with TOURISTS and LOCALS. PEDESTRIANS cross against traffic, ease past motorcycles parked curb side. STREETWALKERS dot the avenue at random intervals. seem young for their occupation - the prominently displayed flesh still fresh on their bodies. Most

Their faces show varying degrees of wear. Life in Angeles City has aged some girls quicker than others. A large black DOG trots down the street. Eyes shine from under matted fur, as it PANTS in the heat. GIRLS lean against cars, negotiate prices. Others rest against storefronts, and smoke. They stare at the dog in disinterest. One throws a can. The dog ducks, and disappears down an alley. One couple separates from the crowd. A GIRL leads a sweaty TOURIST by the hand, down a side street. EXT. SIDE ALLEY - CONTINUOUS The couple heads for a dead end, lit by dim string lights. There’s a garbage can in the corner, trash scattered about. The tourist drops his pants. They get quickly down to business, the girl pressed against the wall. The tourist stumbles - hindered by the slacks around his ankles. He collides with the trash can. It falls over with a CLANG, partially exposing the heap of garbage behind it. Two female legs jut from the pile; the rest of the body still concealed. A trickle of blood dries along one leg. A larger pool congeals near the feet. A straw doll lies next to the body, spattered with blood. Neither the girl nor the tourist notice. preoccupied. They’re a bit


Their shadows fall on the corpse, conceal it further. At the alleyway’s entrance, something watches. Pauses to take in the open display of flesh and spasmodic movement. Then it moves on - and leaves all three to their privacy. INT. RABBIT TOUR BUS - DAY Rain drives hard against the window of the bus - the PATTER broken up by random sounds inside. TWO WOMEN CHATTER animatedly. ANOTHER GIRL listens to Pinoy Rock, the music barely muffled by headphones. KATE MITCHELL (23) stares out the window. In the reflection, her blonde hair looks almost white. She SIPS a cherry soda through a straw. roll by. Watches the road

The bus pulls into a parking lot; jumps the curb with a BUMP. The drink sloshes. The DRIVER announces the stop over the intercom. DRIVER Ladies and gentlemen, we’ll be taking a moment to refuel. His voice is hard to hear past the static. DRIVER To your left, you’ll see a sari-sari store. Please use the time for any necessary bathroom breaks or purchases, and be back on board in 10 minutes. A few brave souls venture out, heads hidden under newspapers. The GIRL next to Kate is one of these. the seat doesn’t stay empty for long. She leaves. But

KURT KAPUR (28) quickly takes her place. Cameras dangle from his neck - they look heavy against his thin frame. He leans across the seat, to look out the window. Watches as others get drenched in the downpour.


He smiles at Kate. His teeth white against his Indian complexion, and shoulder length black hair. KURT Better to be in here, huh? Kate glances in his direction and smiles. Her attention wanders back to the window, a few moments later. KURT (O.S.) Didn’t I see you in Manila? Kate turns back to Kurt. sincere. He’s smiling; friendly and

KURT At the volunteer center, for Pasaga Mission? Kate nods - no recognition on her face. broadly, and points in her direction. Kurt grins

KURT I knew I’d seen you in one of the training classes. I’m Kurt. Signed up for six months. You? Kate smiles, and shakes his hand. KATE Kate Mitchell. Same thing. Kurt settles into his seat. chest. The cameras bump against his

KURT Six months. Guess we’re both gluttons for punishment. Soaked passengers file back onto the bus. Kate...
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