Philippine Disaster

Topics: Tropical cyclone, Pacific Ocean, Weather Pages: 1 (356 words) Published: August 20, 2012
Philippine Disaster
( Reflection )

A typhoon is a mature tropical cyclone that develops in the northwestern part of the Pacific Ocean between 180° and 100°E. This region is referred to as the northwest Pacific basin. Typhoons are common phenomenon around the world so it is not a new issue especially in our country where every year storm comes, but these past few years typhoons got alarming and did a lot of damage in our properties and what alarmed our people the most is that the cities and the provinces who don’t usually get flooded were drowned by flood when a “hanging habagat “came, some say that this “Hanging Habagat” is worse than the past typhoon Ondoy. During the heavy rains many people died, properties were ruined, cities drowned in flood, some people blamed God, some kept on praying, some people cried but many keep a smile on their faces despite the calamity that they have encountered. But have we ever thought what caused these very alarming floods that we have encountered? Is it really normal for us to encounter this? Is it reasonable if we blamed God for all of these calamities? Or we should blame OURSELVES? If we think about it clearly, these calamities are not made by God so we can’t blame him; these calamities are the effects of what we have done by throwing garbage everywhere. Ever since I was in grade school the main topics that the teachers told us when we talk about calamities are the proper throwing of garbage because it can clog the canals which may cause floods, See? We already known it for ten years or more now that throwing garbage everywhere causes floods but we didn’t pay attention to it and just started caring for our nature when we could really feel the effects of what we have done. I know that it is still not too late for us to change and come back to nature; we just need a full cooperation because these things do not benefit the government or the politicians only but...
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