Philippine Corruption

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  • Published : October 26, 2010
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The Philippines is a rich country, with bountiful land, water and human resources. But the Pilipino people are poor and groveling in poverty, working, if possible, in great hardship, raising their families in misery, sleeping in squalor and suffering state police oppression.  The elite of these murderous police were trained by the CIA. For centuries, the social wealth created by the Pilipino toiling people has been unjustly appropriated, first by foreign colonizers and then by foreign capital and their local agents, always through a combination of force and deceit, and with the collaboration and help of the P. I. elite.  Those local elite are the rulers of the country now. They compromised in World War Two with the Japanese, but McArthur forgave them after they ponied up the bribes for him. In the Philippine Islands only money and bullets talk. Nothing else matters. More than a few amateur attempts have been made to infect our computer system. We have spin-off websites, one being Central Luzon Corruption. This Central Luzon Corruption web site has come to be the most read of our sites and has garnered the most attention from corrupt police and politicians whom we name. What you read next will stop 15 to 20 % of the criminal police extortion activities against you while living in The Philippine Islands.

Filipino Culture and Corruption has been viewed as a “cultural and psychological phenomenon in a country marked by incompatible legal and cultural norms” (Tapales 1995:407). The former emphasizes “rationality and universal principles of action” as against and in conflict with “reliance and obligation toward kinship, friendship and primary groups” (Bautista 1982). This conflict is highlighted in the use of the alibi of a gift giving culture to justify bribery and extortion, or the Filipino regard for the other (pakikipagkapwa-tao) to justify giving benefits to unqualified but personally known recipients. This is a real problem, but it can be overblown. For...
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