Philippine Commemorative Coins

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Philippine Commemorative Coins

By | March 2013
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1920 Wilson Medal / Wilson DollarObv: President Of The United States/Bust of President Wilson facing       left. Rev: To Commemorate The Opening Of The Mint/Figures of woman and boy center/Manila, P.I./1920 below. 

Bronze : (38mm, plain edge)
3,700 struck     EF 65.00         BU 125.00

Silver : (38mm, plain edge)
2,200 struck     EF 100.00      BU 200.00

Gold : (38mm plain edge)
5 pcs. only struck   VERY RARE

Note: This commemorative, struck in silver and bronze to commemorate the reopening of the Manila Mint on July 16, 1920, was designed by Clifford Hewitt. The original price was $1 for the silver and 50c for the bronze for the bronze version. A reported five specimens were struck in gold, of which all are accounted for. None were designed for actual circulation, although it is considered a commemorative coin and is called the " Wilson dollar " by collectors.| 1920 Commemorative Bronze Wilson Medal1920 Commemorative Silver Wilson Medal1920 Commemorative Gold Wilson Dollar Medal|

1936 Commonwealth of the PhilippinesOBV: Commonwealth Of The Philippines/Fifty Centavos or One  Peso. In center:  busts of Murphy/Roosevelt and Quezon for peso. Murphy and Quezon face each other (50 centavos). Between busts the date Nov. 15, 1935.

REV: United States Of America/1936. In center: Commonwealth coat of arms. " M " mintmark to left of date.                 

1) Fifty Centavos 1936 Murphy/Quezon
 (Silver 27mm, reeded edge)
20,000 minted      EF  50.00           BU  75.00

2) One Peso 1936 Murphy/Quezon
 (Silver 36mm, reeded edge)
10,000 minted      EF  75.00           BU  100.00

3) One Peso 1936 Roosevelt/Quezon
 (Silver 36mm, reeded edge)
 10,000 minted     EF  75.00          BU  100.00

     Salvage condition      50c  20.00     1peso  45.00   | 1936 50 centavos Murphy / Quezon1936 Murphy / Quezon one peso1936 Roosevelt / Quezon one peso|

1947 - One peso  - Gen. Douglas MacArthur

Gen. Douglas Mac Arthur one peso coin 1947...

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