Philippine Airlines Introduction

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  • Published : November 10, 2012
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Philippine Airlines
I. Executive Summary
Philippine Air Lines also known as PAL, is the flag carrier and national airline of the Philippines, headquartered in the Philippine National Bank Financial Center in Pasay City. Philippine Airlines maintains aircraft with the highest degree of airworthiness, reliability and presentability in the most cost-effective manner; and conduct and maintain safe, reliable and cost-effective flight. It continues to achieve on-time performance on all flights it operates, as well as providing safe, on time, quality and cost effective in flight service for total passenger satisfaction. The Philippines Airlines offers services at reasonable, competitive prices, and at the highest level of quality consistent with such prices. It meets the needs of the public for moving people, goods, information, and in particular for safe and reliable travel, transport, communication, distribution, and related services. The company’s products and services is the core company’s strength since these are what they mainly offer and, in return, where the company generates its profit. On the other hand, the decline in the number of the passengers carried placed the major weakness of PAL since the passengers are relevant to the revenue the company could earn. The Philippines has high levels of economic, political and financial system risk. This impressive result continues the encouraging and positive trend reflects the Philippines Government’s impressive efforts on fiscal management. Also, the public and international confidence will strengthen further and provide confidence to the international investors that there is no economic risk of doing business in Philippines. Philippine Airlines is performing well above average in the Philippine airline industry. It significantly indicates that the company has a strong internal position. This means that PAL has an above-average-ability to respond to external factors that could affect the operations of the company....
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