Philippine Airline Industry and the Environment

Topics: Global warming, Air pollution, Airline Pages: 2 (500 words) Published: September 11, 2008
Environmental management in the Philippines over these past few years has focused on regulating production industries, such as manufacturing and mining. However, there has been an increasing interest in the environmental effects of the service industry (Goedkoop, van Halen, te Riele, & Rommens, 1998). And this industry comprises a variety of activities, from restaurants to hospitals to financial institutions. The service industry merits its attention because of its large size and consequently the potential for environmental impacts (both negative and positive). And one of the service industries that will be discussed in this paper is the Airline Industry. According to the International Civil Aviation Organization and the Air Transport Bureau, the aviation industry impacts the environment in a way that aircraft engines emit noise pollution, gases and particulate emissions. It also contributes to climate change and global dimming. The toxic emissions produced by airports and aircraft are chiefly six pollutants: nitrogen oxides, volatile organic compounds, ground-level ozone, particulate matter, carbon monoxide, and sulphur dioxide (Whitelegg and Williams, 2000). These emissions have a definitive impact on the already growing problem of global warming as well as being very deadly to people exposed to them. In this study, the researchers will have to identify the positive and the negative environmental impacts that can be found in the airline industry in the local and global aspect and how could the industry minimize these negative impacts. This paper is significant because the airline industry gives a positive economic impact to the community. Business travelers are important to airlines because they are more likely to travel several times throughout the year and they tend to purchase the upgraded services that have higher margins for the airline. Airlines have also made significant progress in addressing climate change and are continuing to do so while being driven...
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