Philippe Pasqua

Topics: Color, Painting, Art Pages: 3 (1014 words) Published: December 27, 2012
“My meetings with Philippe Pasqua’s paintings are always invigorating and refreshing for those in search of novelty and originality. He brings a multitude of feelings in the souls of art lovers, triggering emotions, weird shapes and colours, unforgettable images fabricated by the artist’s mind and fantasy, an infinite range of joys for the eye and for the spirit. This is what mainly offers any of Pasqua’s exhibitions but especially the one at the Opera Gallery between January 26th – February 15th 2012.

Born on June 15th in Grasse, Philippe Pasqua started to paint in 1985 and never stopped. Art is ready, come what may.

Philippe Pasqua began painting at the age of 18, and explores various techniques in his work, primarily painting, drawing and more recently, sculpture. He lives and works in Paris, entirely devoting his himself to painting and sculpture in the 1990s. Pasqua's works are often exhibited in the private centres of contemporary art. His artistic credo is an uncompromising research of human nature and nature of the society. Pasqua's paintings depict his unique style.

Recently known as France’s best artist, Philippe Pasqua’s paintings shock by their discrepancy between reality and imagination, life and death, sublime and grotesque. His works can hardly be called as a pretty sight. Huge in size, even larger than life, the dimensions of his canvases stir the eyes, incite the onlookers’ soul and trouble the spirit. It is something hideous, but pleasant, one feels frightened at first sight but quickly attracted by the vivid colours, the daring attitude of the artist, his incredible vision. There is something confrontational and something unexplained, something that makes you want to find out more.

Philippe Pasqua is perceived as one of the major artists of his generation. It is obvious that he prefers to paint huge artworks, but at the same time bodies and faces which are always a means to express someone’s personality. Pasqua insists on...
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