Philip Larkin

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  • Published : December 1, 2012
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Philip Larkin

Philip Larkin, is a famous writer in postwar Great Britain, was commonly referred to as "England's other Poet Laureate" until his death in 1985. Indeed, when the position of laureate became vacant in 1984, many poets and critics favored Larkin's appointment, but the shy, provincial author preferred to avoid the limelight. Larkin achieved acclaim on the strength of an extremely small body of work, just over one hundred pages of poetry in four slender volumes that appeared at almost decade-long intervals. Although Larkin can be cynical and disappointed in tone these qualities are not characteristic of all his poetry. It is more accurate to say he takes a realistic and unromantic approach to life which is evident in his poems. In contrast, all his poetry shows a genuine sensitivity to others, and an awareness and sympathy of their life experiences.

Church going is one of his most cynical poems. Even the title is cynical.” Church going” can mean going to church, or the fact that in his opinion the church is disappearing. 1st line is cynical. Larkin only goes in when nothing is going on, but in his opinion nothing important is ever going on in a church. Shows his disdainful attitude to church with phrases such as " another church" "little books" " some brass and stuff up the holy end" He is disrespectful, uncaring to church. He pronounces " Here endeth" and "echoes snigger loudly" Larkin is making fun of church and mocking it. But later in poem shows his sensitivity and understanding that men have an innate need to believe in something greater than themselves, and churches fulfill this need " A serious house on serious earth it is "and " Since someone to this ground"

Although he atheist is sensitive to needs of others, and even empathies with others' feelings to some extent.
In "Whitsun Weddings". Larkin begins with very an everyday disappointment, as he is "I was late getting away" for the weekend on the train. This shows Larkin’s very...
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