Philip Kotler Visiting Thailand

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Suthisa Kongsirikan
Marking Stragtegy Assignment

Philip Kotler

If I were a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) I would choose to go to both the 8 hours lecturer the 2 and-a-half-hour dinner talk with Philip Kotler. The reasons I’ve decided to attend the 8hours lecture is firstly because, the lecture is consider a kind of training from Philip Kotler, you also will get a certification from it and I believe it would be a good experience because you will get the up to date information and also can see in the perspective of the man who invented the 4Ps. In my opinion, the lecturer would be like an active learning, which I think would be much more affective than reading books because by participating in the training the marketing techniques would be much more easy to understand and can bring to adaptation as an Chief Marketing Officer job.

Furthermore, Philip Kotler is now the Professor at ‘Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Northwestern University’, which is, consider to be in the top 5 ranking of the world best business school. It would be great to have such experience of the lecture session from the professor, as you would get at the world top business school and more convenience because he is here in Thailand. Though 22,000 bht was quite pricy but consider all the factors, the distance he traveled here, the experience and the benefits you will get it would be worth it. Also that this is the first time he will be visiting Thailand and we don’t know when is the next time, so this is the chance that we should grab or else we might have to travel across the world to see him. Now Philip Kotler is 82 years old, we don’t know how longer he will be traveling to lecture in other country. In my opinion, marketing is an art that is very important in business; it is one of the factors that can make sales increases, and also decreases in bad marketing. After watching the video on youtube, ‘Philip Kotler’s speech about marketing’, I think the...
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