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“Doing it right the first time”, has been a stimulating quote from a man that was an inspiration to thousand of companies around the globe, Philip Bayard Crosby. Mr. Crosby was a practitioner, writer, and philosopher of quality management. His works range from books, seminars, and Philip Crosby Associates, which has helped to change the ever growing companies in corporate quality. Philip Crosby was born on June 18, 1926 in Wheeling West Virginia to Mary and Dr. Edward K. Crosby. After graduating from high school in 1944, Mr. Crosby decided to become a hospital corpsman with the Navy. After two years, Mr. Crosby enrolled in college. He attended the Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine. This was the field in which his father worked. He practiced the field for awhile, but decided it was of no interest. He returned to the military as a Marine Medical Corpsman. In the year 1955, Mr. Crosby worked as a reliability quality technician for Bendix Mishawaka Corporation. He was responsible for looking into imperfections found by examiners and testors. In 1957, Mr. Crosby went to labor with Martin Marietta Company as a leading quality engineer.

This is the time that his career as a motivational speaker about quality started to blossom. The “Zero Defects” concept was designed, journals article being written, and his speaking seminars started to bud. In 1965, Mr. Crosby took on a job at ITT as a VP for corporate quality. He stayed there for fourteen years and in 1979, he established his own firm called Philip Crosby Associates, Inc. (PCA) His company “grew into a publicly traded organization with 300 employees around the world and $100 million dollars in revenue.” (Philip Crosby Associates, 2005) This company was responsible for teaching companies’ management teams like General Motors, Xerox, and Motorola how to institute a pre-emptive background to obtain things completed right the initial time. In 1991, Mr. Crosby retired but didn’t quit his quest. He founded Career IV, Inc. This company offered specialized education classes and sermons for the growth of company executives. A few years later in 1997, Mr. Crosby established Philip Crosby Associate II, Inc. by buying the assets of PCA. During all these years, Mr. Crosby had found time to author 13 books. These books covered his favorite topic, “Quality.” These books sold over

millions and were transformed to17 languages. His first book was established in 1967 preceding his most widely known book, “Quality Is Free: The Art of Making Quality Certain “printed in 1979. He was also known for his great work in other essays and writings that he created. After educating companies for over 40 years, Mr. Philip Crosby passed away on August 18, 2001 from respiratory failure. Although he is gone, his legacy continues to inspire.

“Quality Is Free: The Art of Making Quality Certain”
Quality Is Free: The Art of Making Quality Certain was written in 1979. This was Philip Crosby’s second book and the one that really got his name out there to the corporate industry. He wrote this book in his intention on explaining quality to business managers with the purpose to clarify it in simple terms. The book talks about the misunderstanding of quality management. Mr. Crosby utilizes a story associated with the ITT Corporation to show how quality was used. It goes on to explain the meaning of quality and how companies can go about using skills to incorporate it into their work environment. Mr. Crosby also utilizes an example revolving around the HPA case in which an executive was trying to better a company with where they were employed with. Further along in the book, a Maturity Grid is presented, which helps companies, by letting management establish where their business positions with the quality procedure. The first part of the book starts with Philip Crosby’s thoughts on quality and how to interpret, use and apply the Maturity Grid. Further...
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