Philadelphia Review

Topics: AIDS, HIV, Blood transfusion Pages: 3 (786 words) Published: August 20, 2012
Movie Review

Camille Amoranto

The movie revolves around the story of Andrew Beckett, who is a senior associate at the largest corporate law firm in Philadelphia. His batch mates said he was fired because he is not good enough but Andrew thinks it is because he has AIDS. Andrew wants to regain his position and reputation that is why he decided to sue his law firm but no one is willing to defend his case except for Joe, who is ironically a homophobic.

I can relate this movie to several topics that we discussed in our SOCULITA (Society, Culture and Information Technology with Family Planning) subject. I will be discussing each one of these in the succeeding paragraphs.


This movie shows the norms and behavior of people in Philadelphia when it comes to dealing with homosexuals and persons with severe illnesses such as AIDS. Their behavior greatly represents the attitude of all the people in the world specially the discrimination that they show to others. Andrew wants to regain his reputation but no one is willing to take his case and defend him. This shows that it is very rare for other people to stand up for something that is not commonly accepted by the public and also it shows how easily it is for others to avoid certain issues without even attempting to learn and research about it. There was a scene in the movie when Andrew is researching about his sickness and when the other people in the library learned about his status, they started staring at him suspiciously and murmuring with each other. The librarian then deliberately asked him to stay in a private room. By that scene, we can say that people immediately judged him by staying away from him thinking that they might get infected by AIDS too. They did not think about how Andrew will feel and how they will feel if they are in his position. This kind of behavior can easily be observed here in our country. Though gays are more openly accepted now than...
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