Philadelphia Movie Review

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  • Published : April 10, 2001
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"Philadelphia" is a movie that enables the audience to visualize an alternative perspective of discrimination against HIV positive homosexual man. Throughout the movie, one can get an understanding of how a HIV positive homosexual is treated in society and the portrayal of him. "Philadelphia" stars Tom Hanks as Andrew Beckett, an intelligent and sharp lawyer working for a large firm in Philadelphia. Andrew is diagnosed with AIDS and does not tell his supervisors in the firm of his sickness and that he is homosexual. As the movie progresses Charles Wheeler, the senior partner, of the law firm gave Andrew a very important case. But when the partners realized of his sickness and sexual orientation he was fired. Andrew then decides to sue his law firm because he believes he was fired from his job for the wrong reasons. Joe Miller represents Andrew because he can identify with discrimination, being African American. This movie is mainly about social segregation and discrimination in society. In which is still acceptable by many people today. The director in making this movie gives a perspective to viewers of discrimination in today's society and its harmful effects. By being a minority member in America, I have felt discrimination and segregation in my early years of schooling because of my cultural differences to society in general. This film does have potential to become a classic. Because discrimination will always exist in society, the viewer will be able to compare their present society as compared to the society portrayed in "Philadelphia." The theme of this movie is about AIDS and homosexuality and how it causes segregation in our society. This movie shows me that in our society discrimination will always exist, maybe in color, race, or sexual preference. "Philadelphia" gives me and probably other viewers a second look at not being racist, because it hurts not only the specific group but also our society in general.
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