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  • Published : August 5, 2012
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Title: The epic stories of Philippine literature at the present times when it comes to high school students. Thesis Statement: The lack of knowledge of a high school student about Philippine epic literature is brought by modern civilization. I. Why every students uses internet nowadays

A. Who invented the internet
B. Why students choose social networking sites than reading a Philippine literature II. What is more popular, International World literature or Philippine literature A. What is preferred b schools: International World literature or Philippine literature B. What story is mostly used by a high school student in studying: Romeo and Juliet or Biag ni Lam-Ang III. Which is easier to locate in the internet or accessible: International World literature or Philippine literature A. Which sites is most visited by a high school student: International World Literature or Philippine literature B. Which sites is accessible in the internet: Philippine literature sites or International literature sites IV. How International literature is promoted by the International media and what promotion is done by the Philippine media to spread the knowledge among teens in high school A. What are the steps or procedures is done by Philippine media to promote our Philippine literature to the high school students B. How International media spread the knowledge of their literature V. Opinion

We as a group prove that the high school students now has insufficient ideas about our Philippine epic literature because of modern technology. They preferred to go to a social networking sites than reading a literature, that is why the Philippine epic literature almost forgotten nowadays and it maybe the main reason why a high school student don’t know anything about Philippine epic literature. VI. Conclusion

* What are the factors why students has lack of knowledge about Philippine literature * Effects to their studies...
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