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A. Characteristics1.Based on oral traditions2.Crude on ideology and phraseologyB. Literary Forms1. Oral Literaturea. Riddles (bugtong)
– battle of wits among participants
Tigmo –
CebuPaktakon – IlonggoPatotdon - Bicolb.Proverbs
– wise sayings that contain a metaphor used to teach asa food for thoughtc. Tanaga
- a mono-riming heptasyllabic quatrain expressing insights and lessonson life is "more emotionally charged than the terse proverb and thus hasaffinities with the folk lyric."2. Folk SongsIt is a form of folk lyric which expresses the hopes and aspirations, the people'slifestyles as well as their loves. These are often repetitive and sonorous, didactic andnaivea. Hele or oyayi – lullabyb.Ambahan (Mangyan) – 7-syllable per line poem that are about humanrelationships and social entertainmentc.Kalusan (Ivatan) - work songs that depict the livelihood of the peopled.Tagay (Cebuano and Waray) – drinking songe.Kanogan (Cebuano) – song of lamentation for the dead3. Folk Talesa. Myths – explain how the world was created, how certain animalspossess certain characteristics, why some places have waterfalls, volcanoes,mountains, flora or faunab. Legends – explain the origin of things Why the Pineapple Has EyesThe Legend of Maria Makiling

c. Fables – used animal characters and allegoryd.Fantastic stories – deal with underworld characters such as “tiyanak”,“aswang”, “kapre” and others4. Epics These are “narratives of sustained length based on oral tradition revolving aroundsupernatural events or heroic deeds” (Arsenio Manuel)Examples: Lam-ang (Ilocano)Hinilawod (Panay)Kudaman (Palawan)Darangen (Maranao) II. SPANISH COLONIZATION PERIOD (1565 – 1863)

A. Characteristics1.It has two distinct classifications: religious and secular2.It introduced Spanish as the medium of communicationB.Literary Forms1. Religious Literature - Religious lyrics written by ladino poets or those versed inboth...
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