Phil Knight

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Phil Knight went from being an average cross country runner at the University of Oregon to becoming a multi billionaire. It didn't happen overnight or even in a year. Running was Phil Knights passion. But he was tired of his feet hurting from cheap American shoes. So he began testing different shoes while running cross country for the University of Oregon. After he had tested many different pairs of running shoes he decided that he could make a running shoe that was more comfortable and not too expensive.

However, Phil did not start making shoes after he graduated from the University of Oregon. He enrolled to get his masters at Stanford University. After he graduated from Stanford he went to work for an accounting firm. Soon after he quit his job and founded Nike and the rest is history.

Nike is the most successful sports apparel company in the world. Few companies have been able to market as well as Nike has. Nike has created powerful lasting messages such as, "Just Do It" and the "swoosh" logo. These are some of the things that have helped build Nike's empire.

Another area that has helped in Nike's success is taking risks. Phil Knight signed Michael Jordan way before he was an American icon. He also signed Freddy Adu while he was only 14. He has also signed numerous controversial athletes such as Dennis Rodman. These athletes (along with many more) have all contributed to the success of Nike.

Phil Knight and his employees are adomant that they make running shoes and athletic apparel and not a fashion company. He has combined the universal language of sport along with his passion for athletics to create the most successful company in the industry.
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