Phi 445 Week 1 Journal

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  • Published : April 19, 2013
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Week 4 Journal: Problems for Organizations
Cynthia D. Myles PHI 445: Personal and Organizational Ethics Professor: Nicole Hanner April 15, 2013

Problems Facing Not-for-profit Company
Two of the biggest problems The Little Sisters of the Poor face are getting turned down for grants, sponsorships, and fundraisers. These are the main money sources for the not-for-profit organization. The second problem is meeting government requirements and standards. Little Sisters of the Poor has never really had the problem with meeting the requirements and standards of the government accept for many years ago. There was not enough room inside the facility for all the people wanting to get care there. They were forced to turn people away and could not provide them with the care they needed. The organization met due though, they were able to open more facilities to better serve the elderly homeless. As far as expenses the organization does have to worry about being able to provide food, shelter, and healthcare for all residence. Not only the local organization but for the whole organization as a whole nationwide ( Problems within the organization financially can affect the organization drastically, if there is no money generating for the organization, the organization could be forced to downgrade or possibly shut down. If this was to happen there would be many homeless needy people left on the streets. Requirements for the government could be tricky at times because they change daily, if the government finds problems within code, the organization could be fined lots of money which could cause a financial catastrophe for the whole organization ( The best...
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