Phi 2010

Topics: Mind, René Descartes, Metaphysics Pages: 2 (706 words) Published: December 12, 2012
PHI 2010

1) Compare and contrast the views of Dualism, Materialism, and Idealism. Dualism is defined as the view that hold what exist is either physical or mental. (pg.98). Also dubbed the “two-realms view” by Plato, identifies some things as having both components, it is the most accepted idea since most believe that there has to be a mental connection with physical items. Materialism is the view that only the physical exist (pg.98). There is no connection mentally to the physical material; I believe this is stating that we did not have a real idea towards the material. Idealism is the view that only the mental exist. (pg.99). this is the most farfetched one of them all, that everything we know is a perception not a physical material.

2)      Explain and evaluate Rene Descartes’ views on knowledge. Rene Descartes believed that reason is a gift of humans and that knowledge can be directly obtained not from books but only through the application of reason. Because Rene Descartes believed that every human possesses the “natural light” of reason, he believed that if he presented all his arguments as logical line of thought, then anyone could understand them.
3)      Explain and evaluate Rene Descartes’ evil demon conjecture. According to Descartes, it is impossible to prove whether an experience is a dream or not. As for the demon conjecture, Descartes makes proposition that it is possible for people to be under the realm of a demon who is stimulating ones brain to which may make people think they are experiencing things but in reality they are not.

4)      Explain and evaluate Benedictus de Spinoza’s view the “God is all” (or everything). Benedictus de Spinoza believed differently than the other philosophers. Benedictus de Spinoza believed that God was here on earth and that he was everything in nature. He said “God is all, and all is God “and he didn’t believe that God is no more than the...
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