Phi 110

Topics: Free will, Determinism, Causality Pages: 1 (301 words) Published: June 6, 2012
Study Questions 3.3
1- What is the libertarian argument for free will?
Two arguments are often made in favor for libertarian free will: A- Argument from experience: We can freely choose and that the choices we make are up to us. In countless situations, we have the impression that there are alternatives open to us and that nothing prevents us from choosing any one from- or from not choosing. We continually have the experience that we are acting freely. B- Argument from Deliberation: jus as we have had the experience of choosing among alternative courses of action, so we have all had the experience of deliberating about which action to choose. We can deliberate about doing something, however, only if we believe that it is in our power to do it or not to do it. 2- What premise of this argument is accepted by both libertarians and hard determents? Libertarians hold that free actions are caused by selves. They claim that you are responsible for action if you did it. On the other hand, hard determinism states that there are no free actions. 3- What is Event causation?

Event causation: is the sort of causation studied by scientists. It occurs when one event causes another, such as when the lighting of a mach causes an explosion. 4- What is agent causation?
Agent causation: is causation that occurs when an agent (self, person) causes an event. 5- Some people claim that our experience does not provide evidence that we sometimes act freely. What is their argument? What is the libertarian reply to this argument? If you’re weighting of reasons undetermined by other events or reasons, how can it be anything but random? The libertarian answer to that question is that it’s not random because it was caused by you.
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