Phi 105 Week 7 Day 7 Eastern and Western Philosphers Comparison

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  • Published : March 23, 2011
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Eastern and Western Philosophers Comparison
PHI 105


Eastern and Western philosophers vary in their respective arguments and ideas. The main difference is concept of god or gods. The philosophers have similarities ideas between the Eastern and Western philosophy. Eastern philosophies found their ideas around the center of supernatural being in one sense or another. Western philosophies found their ideas around the center of supernatural or spiritual or spiritual being.

Friedrich Nietzsche
Friedrich Nietzsche thought that there was no supernatural power. He expressed his philosophical in arguments. Nietzsche argued to say that people believed in supernatural because of teachings that were passed on from family to family. Nietzsche saw things that others didn’t see. He wasn’t for sure if it was stupidity or how they were taught growing up so they over looked this kind of stuff.

Nietzsche argued that people should free themselves of slave mentality that was passed from family to family. He highly suggested that the people replace this value as superman. He argued with people so they can achieve this basis of mortality. Along with this comes suffering which happens in everyday life.

Nietzsche was upfront of his beliefs with no supernatural power. The example of this power is god and rejected the concept of morality. Nietzsche along with other philosophers figured out that there are not absolute rules. These rules mean there is nothing right or wrong. In regards to this Nietzsche stood firm with arguments about the supernatural as nothing and not important.

Siddhartha Gautama
Siddartha Gautama was the founder of Buddhism. He was called Buddha. He lived a sheltered life and was kept away from pain. Once he saw suffering he wanted to find a way to teach people how to deal with it along with understanding. Buddha discovered the Four Noble Truths. The Four Noble Truths was...
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