Phi 105 Persuasive Essay

Topics: Education, Charter school, Education reform Pages: 3 (1045 words) Published: July 8, 2012
Charter Schools are Reforming Education

Are the children getting the education that you desire for them? Is there the possibility of an alternative system to provide a new and more promising education to students? Public charter schools are the school reform that states and school districts are turning to as the solution to close the achievement gap. Just like when there is change in anything else there is going to be those that are in favor of and those who will resist and challenge the change. Because of the structure, support, and mission of the charter schools there is hope that this new educational reform will be the solution necessary to leave no child behind. You may be wondering what a charter schools is. According to The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, charter schools are public schools that are independently operated and are given the ability to use innovative teaching in exchange for assured improved student achievement. A charter is formed by the work of a group of educators, parents, educational leaders, and others that come together and develop the school's mission statement, guiding principles, governing body, and the measure for accountability. They then submit the proposal to the state for approval. If the charter is granted then there is an agreement made between the state and the school, and because of the charters autonomy there is a higher level of expectation imposed. Not only by the state, but also by themselves, and ultimately by the people as enrollment is based on their choice. With the much needed public school reform that our country is faced with throughout the whole nation, charter schools have been at the top of the discussions. Many wonder how charter schools work better than the alternatives. Well, since they are free of many regulations, they are allowed to reach to students unlike any other public school. They simply are allowed to use innovative ideas in an effort to improve student’s achievement....
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