Phi 103 Outline

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  • Published : April 8, 2013
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Maria Carla Nina Perez

PHI 103

Professor Nader Ktait


I. Introduction

A. As time progresses there has been a slow and steady rise in immorality. We live in a society where it is morally correct to be immoral. There are many forms of morality that apply to everyone. The media in television teaches us what is appropriate in life with standards and ethics thrown out the window. We are easily influenced by our surroundings and what we should perceive as moral. We live in a population that mostly knows right and wrong, but chooses to ignore the moral values that we have been set with according to the bible and what God wants for us.

II. Media in television teaches us what is appropriate in life. We have the choice of thousands and thousands of channels for our own viewing pleasure. Yet, what is dominating the airwaves are reality television that depicts what our generation should become.

A. Currently on television
We have an array of channels to choose from. We have sports channels, home shopping channels, do-it-yourself, and reality television. Oddly, we as a nation are more fascinated by reality television according to.

B. Why we choose certain channels.
People in general want to do well in life. We would like to be successful; therefore, we choose figures that are already successful to emulate. When we watch these famous people on t.v we see that they are very well to do with lots of money. What we don’t grasp is what they do to get that kind of money. Here Comes Honey Boo Boo is on the top list of reality television shows ( Honey Boo Boo is a story of an exploited child that gained fame through a previous reality television show that showed her as a beauty pageant baby. The show is a train...
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