Phi 103

Topics: Stereotype, Old age, Prejudice Pages: 5 (1616 words) Published: July 21, 2012
The Many Stereotypes
Edward Nicandro
PHI 103

The Many Stereotypes

According to Brown (1995), “definition of stereotyping through prejudice is the holding of derogatory social attitudes or cognitive beliefs, the expression of negative effect, or the display of hostile or discriminatory behavior towards members of a group on account of their membership to that group.” Many different groups of people experience stereotypes every day. The tattooed, the politician, the feminist and the older people we call senior citizen are all members of a group that commonly face this type of issues and a breakdown of society. These stereotypes lead to negative opinions closely related to discrimination. Unfortunately, in a daily basis, stereotyping is a form of pre decision that is common in today’s society as it was couple hundreds of years ago. It is a social outlook that has stood the test of time and received interest by psychologists and philosophers.

The first group of stereotypes I would like to discuss is the politicians. There are many opinions dealing with this group of people which many politicians I find to be liars. They are like car salesman who wants to help individuals but a mystery and selfishness to helping themselves. Today, I believe most people in the world think not just one but all politicians are alike. The languages that individuals use to stereotype a politician is basic which they are liars and they cheat but some might see politicians as a savior. We all know that all politicians do not get caught and the ones who get snared ruin every group of politician’s reputation. I believe there is some truth to the stereotype of politicians but not all are true. The reason why to this fact is because the only thing you hear about anything towards politics is when someone is lying or when an individual is doing something incorrect. At the same time, this stereotype is negative but can be positive at a certain point. In my opinion, I think it is negative because it is wrong to place every politician in the same category of wrongdoers who makes the news. In the same time, it can be positive because politicians love getting attention on national television which does not matter if they are telling the truth or not. In reality, it is a chance every politician would take to be noticed. The next groups of people that I would like to talk about are people with tattoos and how they are stereotyped from many cultures and beliefs. There are many stereotyping for this group of people. The most common stereotype is people with tattoos are nothing but thugs and trouble makers. They are also considered to be rebellious individuals, drug addicts, and criminals. Many cultures have different kinds of stereotypes and beliefs towards an inked person but before these times they were considered taboo. In some workplace, showing visible tattoos are taboo and some accept the fact that it is a work of art. Tattoos could be everything in someone’s point of view or it can be nothing but an ink on an individual’s body. It is the level of trust and professionalism which presents oneself in a professional workplace atmosphere. People who are in a professional trade like doctors and lawyers are expected to dress a certain manor with an intellectual personality. Today, tattoos are very popular among everyone inside the workplace but the problem is dressing conservatively. As stated by Stuppy, Armstrong and Casals-Ariet (1998), “attitudes towards tattooed adolescents were generally less positive than attitudes towards the adult groups. Research has found that negative attitudes impact patient care. This study suggests that tattooed persons, especially adolescents, may be at risk of being negatively perceived when they seek health care. Increased efforts are needed to assure that those with tattoos receive non-judgmental and sensitive care.” Dressing conservatively means to not show off anymore than you have...
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