Phenomenon of Posting Pictures in Instagram

Topics: Sociology, Social network service, Internet Pages: 7 (2316 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Colegio de San Juan de Letran College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Intramuros, Manila 1002, PHILIPPINES| Date Completed: Signature of the Proponent:_________________________________| Capsule Research Proposal|

| BalcosSioting| Cziannica VhieJennyvyl| PolintanMaglantay| | Last Name| First Name| Middle Name|
Field of Specialization| Communication|
Research Attributes| Research Approach| Mixed Method|
| Research Method/Design| Descriptive/Exploratory|
| Corpus of Data| Interview/Open-Ended Survey|
| Research Domains| Social Network, Communication Theory| | ResearchFoci/Parameters| Instagram, Uses and Gratification Theory, Technology Acceptance Model, Uses of Social Media, Motives of the Users | | | |

Project Title:| The Phenomenon of Posting Pictures in Instagram| Research Journals /Articles/BooksReviewed| Ancu, M.(2012). Older Adults on Facebook: A Survey Examination of Motives and Use of Social Networking by People 50 and older. The Florida Communication JournalAyyad, K.(2011). Internet usage vs traditional media usage among university students in the United Arab Emirates. Journal of Arab & Muslim Media Research,4 (1), 41-61Cha, J., & Chan-Olmsted, S. M. (2012). Substituality between Online Video Platforms and Television. Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly. 261-278Chen, G. M., Chock, M., Gozigian, H., Rogers, R., Sen, A., Schweisberger, V. N., et al. (2011). Personalizing News Websites Attracts Young Readers. Newspaper Research Journal.Chung, D. S., & Yoo, C.Y. (2006). Online Users Motivations and Use of Interactive Features on an Online News Site: A Uses and Gratifications Approach. International Communication Association Conference. GermanyGosling, S. D., Augustine, A. A., Vazire, S., Holtzman, N., & Gaddis, S. (2011). Manifestations of Personality in Online Social Networks: Self Reported Facebook-Related Behaviors and Observable Profile Information. Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking.Hechanova, M.R., Tuliao, A.P., & Hwa, A.P. (2011). If You Build It,Will They Come? Media Asia, 32-40Kwak, H. (2012). Self-Disclosure in online media. International Journal of Advertising. 485-510Larose, R., & Eastin, M. S. (2004). A Social Cognitive Theory of Internet Uses and Gratifications: Toward a New Model of Media Attendance. Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media Miller, R., Parsons, K., Lifer, D. (2010). Students and social network sites: the posting paradox. Behavior and Information Technology. 377-382 Park, N. (2010). Adoption and Use of Computer-Based Voice Over Internet Protocol Phone Service: Toward an Integrated Model. Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication. 40-72. Peters, O., Rickes, M., Jockel, S., Criegern, C.v., & Deursen, A. v. (2006). Explaining and analyzing the audiences: A social cognitive approach to selectivity and media use. Communications: The European Journal of Communication Research, 279-308Ruggiero, T.E. (2000). Uses and Gratifications Theory in the 21st Century. Mass Communication and Society, 3-37Som, R.,Utama, E.,Bhaduri,A., Torres, S. A., Engelbert, A., Avasadanond, B., et al. (2012). The Social Media (R) evolution? Asian Perspectives On New Media. (S. Winkelmann,Ed.) Konrad Adenauer Asian Center for JournalismUrista, M.A., Dong, Q., & Day, K.D. (2009). Explaining Why Young Adults Use MySpace and Facebook. Human Communication. A Publication of the Pacific and Asian Communication Association., 215-229.Westerik, H., Renckstorf,K.,Lammers, J., & Wester, F.(2006). Transcending Uses and Gratifications: Media use as social action and the useof event history analysis. Communications: The European Journal of...
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