Phenomenology of Love

Topics: Love, Emotion, Feeling Pages: 3 (930 words) Published: March 1, 2011
"Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies." This is just a sample of a quotation from Aristotle. Different quotes are being sent anywhere for just to let the sender express his feelings towards a person. But still playing on my mind a question that could be answer in all ways, what is LOVE?  Love is a very strong feeling of affection. It cannot easily be described for it is a mix of emotions. Love is the attraction of one person to another person, object or sensation. Scientifically, it is created by chemical reactions in the brain. Eating chocolate releases the same chemicals in the brain giving one the feeling of love.

Love is somehow has different feelings for other people, why? Because, we can love and be loved by other people. For other people if they talk about love, they are always thinking that love is just for sex, if a person will tell you I love you it doesn’t mean that s/he is inviting you to make LOVE with him to the bed. It may lead into misunderstanding but, this is very common, but this is the hardest thing to deal with and the hardest part of the human emotions, because you need to use your mind in thinking and heart for feeling, and that makes us crazy on thinking. I can relate my self somehow on the notion of love in three reasons of Manuel Dy; * The emphasis on being-loved than on loving

* The emphasis on the object of loved rather than on the faculty of loving * And the infatuation
I can say that we are happy being loved by people than we love them, because as a part of being a person sometimes we are asking ourselves if, there are still people that loves us? But with this question I can say that we are still lucky because at least we experienced how to fall in love and be loved. But sometimes we are not sure of our feelings, due to these uncertain feelings for a person; at first sight we are already giving a conclusion that we love that person even though we are not still on the exact age. And that is what we...
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