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-started as a philosophy
-has also become a methodology
-knowledge being acquired through experience → this is pre-reflexive -pre-reflexive: essence of the phenomenon without thinking about our interpretation about it that are lived by the participant onot “how do you feel about…” but just “describe….”

-Trying to transcend the subject to get to an objective core → transcendental phenomenology (Husserl) -Existential phenomenology → focuses on existential aspects of human existence that have to do with life and death (Heideggger, Merleau-Ponty) -Hermeneutical phenomenology → focuses on interpretive/constructivist findings (Heidegger, Gadamer) -Phenomenology of practice → newer, more experiential, often used as a method to be applied in professional context; more pragmatic because if people want to do phenomenology but don’t have time to read old texts, this approach is suitable (Giorgi, Benner, Max van Manen)


Core concepts from Husserl -- the father of phenomenology
-Study of the “life world” – “to the things themselves” oConcern with pre-reflexive experience/knowledge without resorting to some abstract conceptualization -Descriptive science of the essences and actions of consciousness oUnderstand essential features of a phenomenon as free as possible from cultural context oSeeing things as they are

-Epoche of the natural sciences, and of the natural attitude oHow is the researcher to deal with his/her own presuppositions? oAbstaining from incorporating a scientific theory
oIf you bracket scientific assumptions, you can gain better access to the things themselves oAlso suspending your own naïve beliefs or what you understand about something oIf you return to things and re-examine things after bracketing, you can discover something you have overlooked oHow would you achieve epoche? →

-Aim: rigorous and unbiased study of things as they appear in order to arrive at an essential...

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