Phenomenological Inquiry

Topics: San Pablo City, ABS–CBN Broadcasting Corporation, Laguna Pages: 34 (10753 words) Published: March 5, 2013

A Thesis Submitted to the Department of Communcation
College of Arts and Sciences University
Of Perpetual Help System-DALTA

In partial fulfillment of the Requirements for the
Degree Bachelor of Arts in
Mass Communication


First Semester


This thesis entitled “The Lived Experiences of Ms. Marisol Castillo Aragones” prepared and submitted by Mary Dee B. Bautista and Jonnika O. Cambronero, as partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication, is hereby accepted.

Dr. Jaime Gutierrez-Ang

Prof. Cynthia A. Didal, M.A
University of the Philippines- Diliman

Prof. Debbie Francisco Dianco, M.A

Prof. Francisco Veray Wycoco, Ph.D

Accepted as partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Arts in MassCommunication.

Asst. Prof. Rowena G. Morta
Chair, Dept. of Communication


Title: The Lived Experiences of Marisol Castillo Aragones: A Reporter’s Story

Kind of Research Work: Undergraduate Production Thesis: Qualitative Research Phenomenological

Researchers: Mary Dee B. Bautista and Jonnika O. Cambronero

Adviser: Dr. Jaime Gutierrez-Ang
Faculty, Department of Communication

Degree: Bachelor of Arts major in Mass Communication

This study covered the significant lived experiences of Ms. Marisol Castillo Aragones also known as Sol Aragones. A reporter and a radio broadcaster from a well known radio station in the Country and currently running for Congresswoman in her hometown San Pablo Laguna.

This research is in qualitative type using the phenomenological approach with interview sessions as the main source of information. In addition, the researchers research some articles about the co-researchers life.

Based on the study conducted by the researchers, Sol Aragones is into “Public service” whether it is in media or politics as long as it is a public service she will go with it.
Furthermore, the study helps a media personality to not just focus of what they have but despite on what they can give to the public.
Lastly, the study on Ms. Marisol “Sol” Castillo Aragones can help each student or anyone who wants to be part of media would be able to understand how she makes importance in this field.


We all know that conducting a research is part of one’s college life and without it we won’t be able to step up in the next level of our life’s journey.
As of now we have already completed this research contains information that will help us to defend it and will be ready to face the reality of the world.
This journey won’t be successful without the support of those people who did not hesitate to help us for our research study. And now, this is our opportunity to acknowledge those people with their never-ending support:

Ms. Marisol Castillo Aragones, our co-researcher, who shares a part of her life journey to us to complete our study.
Dr. Jaime G. Ang, our thesis adviser, who help us in the course of improving our research.
Ms. Rowena G. Morta, the head of the Department of Communication, for of giving us the contact to Ms. Sol Aragones’ handler.
To the Mass Communication Department, especially the fourth year students who always find time to be with us and share some of their knowledge and reaction in our research paper.

We also like to thank Mr. Jonathan the handler of Ms. Sol Aragones, and Ms. Mel, the secretary of Ms. Sol Aragnoes. The two of them helped us how to contact our co-researcher, without them this research will not be possible.

And of course, Bautista and Cambronero Family for their understanding love and support for bringing out the best in us and above all for always being there for us.
Finally, to God, who blessed us with...
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