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By | August 2012
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Jasmine Joseph
Colorado Technical University Online Phase Two Individual Project July 18, 2011
Block, S. (2007, July 27). Cost of higher education gets more pricey. Retrieved from  
The price of tuition is rising by ten percent. Through the past years tuition is raising more than they are dropping. From the year of 2001 to 2006 average tuition jumped 35% at the public college universities. Education is the key to success. Without an education a person will always struggle to pay the bills although, it is almost impossible to pay off all the government asks for in return. I choose this topic because I do not feel that students should have to struggle to get their education. This is important to my resource because this is where the cost of living starts with college students be charged high interest fees.  

Simms, R. (2010, December 2). Why is rent so high? Retrieved from  
We all know the reason why gas prices are so high now what is the reason for rent to be so high? Rent can go as high as 1,800 per month. An average two bedroom apartment runs around $782. According to Ted Roberts, the head of the landlord association, rent is increasing because of higher homeowners' insurance rates. The landlord must pay a mortgage payment... if they're unable to pay it, they can't keep that roof over the tenet's head either is the excuse that Robert gave KIMA. Although, we all know that it is just the cost of living increasing itself. This is important to my topic because this is one of the major problems that affect the cost of living.  

Unknown, . (2008, September). Food stamp facts. Retrieved...

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