Phase 1 Individual Project

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  • Published : April 17, 2012
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Phase 1 INDIVIDUAL Project
Darnell E. Bush
Colorado Technical University

In the past 30 years there has been a significant focus on the issue of domestic abuse in general in the United States, and throughout the world. Although women for the most part have been the victims of domestic violence, there has been some neglect in the investigation of domestic violence against men and husbands in general. In this document we will explore empirical evidence that will show that the abuse of husbands is more common than people realize. Throughout my thinking process I brainstormed the following topics that I believe are closely related to this issue of abuse, toward spouses, husbands in general! * Female Perpetrators

* What is the cause of domestic abuse towards husbands?
* Why has the husband been quiet in reporting the issues to the police? * What are the statistics of abused husbands’ vs. abused women? * Why is this learned behavior?
* Was their violence in the perpetrators home environment as a child? * Which abuse is worse? physical, or psychological?
* What counseling programs are available for both parties? * More rigid legislation for offenders of both genders?
* Are the human rights violated in these cases?

What is my first choice topic and why it is of interest to me? My first topic is on the subject of learned behavior, this is an area that interests me for several reasons. As a child growing up I experienced domestic violence in my home, and it was a traumatic event. My father battering my mother, as a result of his drinking, which led to arguments and then fighting. I finally came to understand as I matured into manhood and got married and had a family, that I found myself doing the exact same thing as my father. While I do not condone a man fighting a woman, I soon realized with the help of counseling that it was classified as a learned behavior, and a great weight had been lifted...
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