Pharmacy Information System

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Pharmacy Information System

Can their Information system affect their business?

II.Abstract of the Study:

This research is made possible for the completion of our study in line with the subject, Management Information System (MIS). This tackles the current information system used by the establishment, RIKA Drugstore, the management and organization. The collected data’s and facts are certified true and reliable information.

WE, the researchers, personally conducted an interview with executive assistant and staff and had visited the area which is located at Osmeña, Cagayan de Oro City. After a series of brainstorming, we, the researchers had come up with the analysis presented in the following contents of the study to further understand the whole idea of the study.

III. Problem Statement

The Problem

Analyzing each 3 aspects of Information System


-Employees of Rika Drugstore are well handled with regards to their management.

-Benefits are given to their employees like in S.S.S., Pag-ibig, and other(s).

-Record of their receipts is discarded after 2 years.

-When the customers are seniors, they have a 2% discount in each item that they have purchased.

When conflicts arise among employees they handle it in the process from:


-Therefore, we conclude about their “Management”, as well handled.


-Product Knowledge or seminars are given to the “Main Branch”; after the Main Branch learned the précised knowledge of that certain product they then disseminate it to all pharmaceutical branch employees of Rika Drugstore.

-Team Building is practiced towards all of their employees; in order to achieved harmony and synchronization in all their processes to achieve a good flow in their business.

Organization Structure:


-Therefore, we conclude that their organization is good.


Transaction Flow:


They are using the following:

- UNISERVE POS manager

-Core 2 Duo Processors

-Hard Disk (260 GB)


-RAM/Random Access Memory (2GB)

-They have no technician(s), the employees in each branch takes their own initiatives in handling with their minor technical problems.

-The anti-virus that they were using is AVG anti-virus.

-Each of their branches has different servers

-They are using WinSQL which is a Windows-Based and is prone to viruses

-They are using a database system provided by the UNILAB for free; for every system error they would call a technician from Unilab to fix it. For system upgrades leave it to Unilab

System Problem:

-Expiration of medicines not precise.

-Prone to viruses.

They are open with any database system proposals and if they found the right required components of that specific database system and if they like that system, they are willing to buy that database system, because they usually do encounter a lot of problems with their current database system.

-Therefore, it is concluded that most of their problems are in their Technology.


Is it time consuming to update each server (given that each branch maintains separate server)? What are some problems that may arise?

Does the existing information system answer the needs of the establishment (in terms of generating accurate reports in shorter span of time and other transactions)?

Is there a need for the establishment to change the current system they are using?

Which is better? A Window’s based or Linux based system?

Is it a need to hire IT professionals to maintain the system?

IV. Objectives of the Study

We choose Rika Drugstore in order to know how a well-managed information system can help them in growing their business.

These are the following...
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