Topics: Barangay, Sangguniang Kabataan, Social status Pages: 8 (1759 words) Published: January 22, 2013
National University
Civic Welfare Training Service 2
Community Needs Assessment
Group: 1(PHA122)
Group OfficialsSignature
Team Leader: Katrina Joice A. Dela Cruz
Asst. Team Leader: Zaynab D. Hadjiali
Group Members
Norhannah G. Baniaga
Gerald M. Castañeda
Lireil Ann D. Aranas
Alanis Morisette G. Azagra
Cristy M. Abalos
Johna D. Babilonia
Cielo Maigne P. Valle
Noreen Jane D. Bacordio


There are important personages who contributed to the accomplishment of this community needs assessment. The community assessment team would like to thank the following for their unyielding efforts in finishing this project:

To God, who bestowed the knowledge and strength they need in completing this assessment,

To The Barangay 433, Zone 44 Chairman, Hon. Jude Tucione L. Garcia who will approve the group’s programs,

The Barangay Executive Officer, Mr. Ricardo Garcia for lending his time in a short interview,

The Barangay Secretary, Celia Tapang, for providing some local information,

The Barangay 433, Zone 44 Residents

Lastly, their thanks to Ms. Gloria I. Beo, in giving the chance to perform this assessment.

I. Name of Barangay

Barangay 433, Zone 44
District IV
Sampaloc, Manila

II. Description of the Barangay

Barangay 433, Zone 44 is located near Nazareth School in Sampaloc, Manila. It is headed by Hon. Jude Tucione L. Garcia.
A daycare center can be found near the barangay hall.


Punong Barangay: Jude Tucione L. Garcia

Barangay Kagawad

1. Joseph Hizon
2. Aleni Alma Jose
3. Alona Roldan
4. Teodora Toribio
5. Narciso Francisco
6. Ronelo Lucy

Barangay Secretary: Celia Tapang

Barangay Treasurer: Pamela Anne Salagubang

Barangay Executive Officer: Ricardo Garcia

Barangay Adviser: Atty. Bimbo Quintos XVI

Sangguniang Kabataan Chairman: Tahanie Delias

Sangguniang Kabataan Kagawad

1. Jessa Singcoy
2. Jennifer Singcoy
3. Socrates Galiga
4. Patrick Potestades


The barangay officials also head the committees in the locale. They have not identified it for thay themselves handle all the transactions inside the area.

V. Socio Economic Status of the Community

Different commercial enterprises of the Barangay 433 Zone 44 residents are evident in the locale as the community assessment is carried out, implying the state of their economic status.
One of the leading businesses in this barangay is the sari-sari store. The sari-sari, or variety store is among the easiest businesses to get into, such that even the poorest of the poor can manage to set up one, even with just a few hundred pesos as capital. The assessors have found out that their profit extends up to 350php or less a day.

Also, bakery can be seen in the area, which is one of the most loved establishments here in our country. The storekeeper keeps on telling that managing a bakery is not just “a piece of cake”. If sari-sari store’s investment is just a few hundred pesos in capital, bakery needs greater investment to manage it. Their profit extends up to more or less 15 thousand a month.

Furthermore, laundry shops may be considered a dirty job by most, but the laundry shop business is a thriving industry in highly urbanized cities such as Metro Manila. In this barangay, laundry shop are less distinguished. Laundry shop’s profit are not that high, it only extends up to 5 thousand or less a month.

Other enterprises available in the community include barber shop, carinderias or eateries and computer shops.
Each job trade demonstrates that the community is well equipped with business transactions.

VI. Health and Sanitation Status of the Community

On the first day of evaluation, it is observed that the community was clean and orderly. The garbage is disposed accordingly depending on its class from biodegradable and non-biodegradable materials and the community people really contributed a lot for...
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