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Topics: Colombia, Generic drug, Pharmacology Pages: 3 (835 words) Published: February 23, 2013
Company Profile - Tecnoquímicas - Q4 2008
Colombia - Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare - 04 Dec 2008 Indigenous Manufacturers SWOT Analysis Strengths Tecnoquímicas is a leading domes tic pharmaceutical company in terms of s ales with a large production network of eight manufacturing s ites The company has repres entative agreements with m a n y foreign firms , including Argentina's Gador, Pharmacia, Recordati and As tellas Weaknesses Its divers e offering -- including pet foods , confectionery and pers onal care items -- may reduce focus and funds available for developing pharmaceuticals The company is vulnerable to s trengthened bioequivalence rules and competition from foreign generics players Opportunities Tecnoquímicas is in the mids t of implementing a 10year inves tment plan Threats Tecnoquímicas repres ents over 25 foreign firms , but the US FTA may eas e direct market entry for foreign companies Entry of foreign -- es pecially As ian -- low-cos t producers threatens the firm's off-patent product lines Overview Tecnoquímicas was founded in Bogotá in 1934, as a family bus ines s focus ing on repres enting national and international companies in Colombia. The company, which is one of the larges t pharmaceuticals firms by s ales in Colombia, claims to manufacture 87% of the products it markets . In 2005, the company reported a 20% jump in s ales to COP60bn (US$246mn) and had es timated s ales of US$300mn in 2006 and US$350mn in 2007. Tecnoquímicas has three production plants in Cali, one of which manufactures oral s olid dos age forms and hous es a R&D facility The Jamundí facility produces s olids and veterinary s teriles , as . well as hous ing a QC laboratory and a raw material warehous e. The Yumbo facility manufactures creams and ointments for cos metics and topical products . T h e company operates s ix dis tribution centres in Colombia. It has opened a creams and efferves cent products plant in Villa Rica for regional unit Tecnofar TQ. Since the 1990s ,...
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