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Pharmaceutical Sales 30-60-90 Day Business Plan

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Pharmaceutical Sales 30-60-90 Day Business Plan

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Ninety Day Business Plan
Auxilium MSC

30 Day:

* Begin home study.
* Attend Training.
* Continuously study and master product info and clinical trials. * Review current accounts and analyze sales data across the territory. * Identify Urologists, Endocrinologist, Internal Medicine & Family Practice Physicians within territory (Including Nurse Practitioners & Physician Assistants). Also target local pharmacies within various areas of the territory. * Meet each and every target physician and entire office staff within the first two weeks in the field. Leave contact information. Identify decision makers within clinics. * Ask office staff members (gatekeeper, nurses, etc) which days are best to meet with physicians. Schedule appointments. Develop Relationships!!!! * Find out who handles refills and patient complaints. Understand how they handle these complaints (do they automatically switch the medication). * Develop a list of profiles for each office and physician including: personalities, extracurricular activities, involvement in respective communities, undergraduate & residency allegiances. * Determine prescribing habits for current physicians, clinics and hospitals. Get product sales print outs from local pharmacies to determine volume. * Determine patient populations these physicians are treating. This will help to understand what drives their decision making, whether it is efficacy, cost, availability, outcomes, etc. * Meet with counterparts/management and develop a synergistic working relationship to maximize sales by targeting the right physicians with the right frequency. Also understand what has worked for other reps in different territories.

60 Day:

* Use weekly/monthly report and information gathered in the field to rate Clinics and Group Practices as A, B, or C accounts based on Testim volume and competitive volume. * Once accounts have been rated, plot them according to...

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