Pharaoh (by Jackie French)

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Pharaoh: the boy who conquered the Nile (By Jackie French)

Essay Topic: Did Narmer potray the qualities of a true King? In the novel ‘Pharaoh’ written by Jackie, Narmer did portray the qualities of a true King. Narmer was courageous, loyal and demonstrated great leadership skills as he embarked on his journey as self discovery.

Firstly, Narmer showed leadership qualities when he arrived at Sumer with the Trader, Nitho and the Porters. After seeing how different Sumer was to Thinis, Narmer thought about how his new skills could be used to benefit Thinis. Although he was no longer Prince, Narmer always thought like one when it came to Thinis. “He suddenly imagined what Thinis could do with canals like these, to take water from the river into the drylands, beyond the reach of the flood.”(Pg 157)

Secondly, Narmer showed leadership skills when he arrived back to Thinis from Sumer. Narmer was so shocked to see his town destroyed and took command and lead an army to help Thinis attack Yebu. “The Golden One has saved us! He moved the River! Even the River obeys the Golden One!” (Pg 232)

When Narmer was attacked by the crocodile, he forfeits his position as heir because the King asked him and Narmer couldn’t lead an army. Narmer was a threat to Hawk because people would always see Narmer as King only if he was around. Thinis needed a King that people could trust so if Narmer tells anyone about Hawk they won’t believe him. Narmer kept quiet about this. “Thinis needs to trust its King. So I will be loyal.” (Pg 67)

Throughout the story, Narmer also showed courage. Narmer shows courage when he convinces the Trader to help the Queen of Punt. “Who do you think would take a risk like that? No one spoke. Then Narmer said, ‘A man who faced an afreet and came away. Who conquered the desert and its storms. Who took a crippled boy and girl and let them live. A man like that would have the courage,...
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