Phantom of the Opera Synopsis

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  • Published : February 28, 2006
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The Phantom of the Opera is a film adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber's magnificent musical. The story is about an opera ghost who drives everyone in the opera house crazy. The owner of the opera house quits and is soon followed by his lead singer. A beautiful young girl named Christine takes over the lead. She claims she has been taking lessons from a man whose name she does not know. Her secret tutor turns out to be the opera ghost. Although the original lead decides to come back, the opera ghost wants his girl to continue to sing the lead. He sabotages the original lead, murders a stage hand and causes a major accident in the opera house. Throughout the movie you can tell that the opera ghost is in love with Christine but she is love with her childhood sweetheart, Raoul. This makes the ghost very angry and he kidnaps Christine and takes her to his world under the opera house to be his bride. The ghost seems to have some control over Christine and it seems she is fascinated by him. It turns out that he is severely deformed on one side of his face and that is why he in always in hiding. Raoul, Christine's true love, saves her from the ghost and they go on to get married. The Phantom of the Opera is full of beautiful music. Although most of the music is played by an orchestra, you can hear all different kinds of musical instruments throughout the movie. The music is full of string instruments, such as the violin, percussion, brass and woodwinds. There are many different kinds of voices. The lead female singer is a soprano but you also hear all other types of voices, such as the phantom who sings bass. All the songs in this opera seem to have great meaning to the singer or they are used by the singers to tell their story. Christine's songs always portray what she is feeling. She sings "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again" when she is at the graveyard and she is wishing that her dad were still around. The song is very sad and makes the listener...
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